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Chief editor of the fitness section in the Body Life and Trainer Magazine.
Founder of European Fitness Community in London/UK
The author of the books “Fitness- a job or a passion…”, “Fitness System”, "The Boy of the diamond mask"
His name was entered into WHO IS WHO? Encyclopedia a list of prominent people of the world.
International fitness presenter, choreographer and dance teacher. International cycle master teacher and designed the Pure Ride London Dance experience.
His charisma and the way he gets along with his clients let him create perfect classes which combine business with pleasure. He is the perfect example of creativity, innovation and professionalism.
Kris is a fantastic, devoted friend. 

Chief catchphrase of his training sessions is: “It’s not the art to be taught, the art is to be able to teach” 1992.

EFC-IEC Marketing Support Manager: JAMIE DOBSON

He has a passion for youth and a desire to see people prosper, he thrives on ambition and has a heart to see people bring their dreams to reality.
Jamie learned to dance at church at 16 years old and from their took his career to great levels, he danced at major arena’s in London such as Royal Albert Hall, Westminster Central Hall, Wembley Arena and Hammersmith Apollo. His all time favourite place to perform was in front of 90 thousand people at the Wembley Stadium for a football match with the biggest teams in the world playing in the final, Manchester United Vs Barcelona,
Jamie is a visionary and is always wanting to be the best in the industry he works in, he has a great heart for his friends and regards them highly, always wanting to take close people on a new journey.

Jamie has worked in the fitness industry for 4 years, has level 2 and 3 qualifications and is now also indoor cycling qualified, he has plans to gain more experience and qualifications in all sectors of the fitness and dance industry and won’t stop until he is fully versatile in these areas.
His favourite gym activity is a circuit as he likes competing against other for reps individuals to get a full body work out. Jamie does 3-4 cardio sessions a week and 2-3 weight sessions a week to maintain strength, confidence and his charm. 

His favourite artist ever to exist is Michael Jackson, he loves his music, his dance, his vocals, his understanding of movement, story telling and the way he gives every performance 110%. Jamie grew up selling CD’s in a market stall in Camden Town, so he’s very versatile with genre’s and has education of music artists from the 60’s up to today’s music.

Jamie has taught dance to youth for over 5 years now and gains joy from seeing young people learning new choreography and becoming better in that field. He has a great way of interpreting music when choreographing and has put on some amazing pieces of work for shows in the past.
Jamie is a God fearing man, who puts God before anything and anyone, he believes God has brought him this far and he’s still got an awesome journey to go

EFC-IEC Administration Assistant: MIA MARSH